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I'm a musician with a swollen sense of my ability to articulate my insignificance.

by slightly popular demand, this is my new hair. kind looks like me old hair.

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2387 days ago

by slightly popular demand, this is my new hair. kind looks like me old hair.


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battyy13 2273 days ago

sexy hair.. .I do like a guy with long hair. :O) xx

stephhs94 2332 days ago

very nice

anapac 2350 days ago

Love the hair it looks like mine :P

sponkadelliac 2359 days ago

Haha, lmao at clairelocke

misstrinity811 2359 days ago

Yay, I knew you wouldn't have shaved your head, that would be too mean. Also,damn you for giving people a heart attack with the bald head pic on myspace,but I forgive you.

KC_here 2381 days ago

I like, I like.

nuttybabe 2383 days ago

very nice Tim the back off you is almost as gorgous as the front

LesleyAnnMcL 2386 days ago

It is odd that it looks longer after it's been cut. Still sexy x

Hanpony 2386 days ago

It looks very luscious, but not quite as boofy. Nyaw. I like it.

clairelocke 2387 days ago

If you rotate pic upside down it bears a canny resemblance to Chewbakka

sarahmeldrum 2387 days ago

I wish my hair was a pretty as yours...

InfiniteGrant 2387 days ago

Hummm... Wonder what it looks like natural!!!!

hannipoo 2387 days ago

is your secret tresseme'

AlexWilliamson 2387 days ago

very nice Tim!

Renire 2387 days ago

woah thats gorgeous :o
i like it both ways, even if not so different~ is it not as 'big' now?

_Mish 2387 days ago

I know I asked for a photo, but now I feel bad that your hair looks more stylishly girly than mine- and I'm a teen girl. Hmph.

LauraPerrier 2387 days ago

Sublime - good hair, I like! x

pinnkmoose 2387 days ago

Prefer dreds, but still looking good :-)

tizmee 2387 days ago

looking Tim-able.. In your face at all... Mask-able u

tizmee 2387 days ago

:0) looking good-able