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Just got back to my room and had this nice treat in my room from the hotel

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2453 days ago

Just got back to my room and had this nice treat in my room from the hotel


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maryUNLVEGAS 2263 days ago

there is love and chocolate

wildeonez 2434 days ago

that's special treatment lol sweet

sunny2805 2452 days ago

wow!! its looks fantastic!!

KarenLanman 2452 days ago

We Texans Love you!

69maggiemay69 2453 days ago

I'd been able to feed that to ya among other things but security....@ the hotel.....didn't let me time don't invite me ...just bring me there with ya boo! Luv ya..can't wait to c-ya again! You rocked the house (buzzfest) ..F-N AWESOME!!!

KaliAnneBaker 2453 days ago


Niko03 2453 days ago

Lucky you, they would have left me an additional bill probably! lol

Skullz930 2453 days ago

i hate strawberries but this looks good lol hope you enjoyed it

aurora2469 2453 days ago

I love this. I wonder if it tastes as good as mine. I make a mean chocolate covered strawberry. Lol.

Babis29 2453 days ago

Mmmmmmm nice I hope you enjoyed that!

HouseOfYugoslav 2453 days ago

did it taste any good?

RapidSkater 2453 days ago

Don't eat too much chocolate, Fred ^^

mitsy3217 2453 days ago

chocolate covered strawberries ~ my personal favorite

MagdaLena_PL 2453 days ago

this is nice, that's why I love staying in hotels ;-)

ajoneser 2453 days ago

they say everything's big in Texas, but DAMN! Your larynx prolly enjoyed it after a long show

wrestlinchick 2453 days ago

I'd feed you those strawberries ;)

Redolance6729 2453 days ago

Ah, chocolate. This would be great if I weren't cutting. Cutting as in shedding body fat. =I

philbriel 2453 days ago

Mh looks delicious.. missing the cocolate starfish ;)

JoannaJdreaming 2453 days ago

mmmm yami :)