Today's word (advanced) : のろける=Norokeru= To brag about one's sweetheart or spouse / how much you love each other. 

Noun : のろけ=noroke or おのろけ=onoroke   
のろけ話=Noroke banashi  or おのろけ話=Onoroke banashi  
lovey-dovey talk, A syrupy talk about one's sweetheart or romantic relationship.

=Norokete ii?
=Can I brag about my sweetheart?

From the pic. 
=Kono bara kareshi kara morattano. Watashitachi raburabu nano.
=I got these roses from my boyfriend. We are a lovey-dovey couple!

When we usually hear this type of talk, we tease the speaker, saying 

=Norokenai de!
Stop bragging! 

=Onoroke wa mou iikara! 
Enough for the syrupy talk!