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Can fit this guitar in my carry on?

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2311 days ago

Can fit this guitar in my carry on?


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RawrImMaddy 2091 days ago

it should fit.....

ruthannMT4ever 2286 days ago

not lmao

IcePrincess98 2299 days ago

chances are youll have to buy it a seat.

jenjenbella 2308 days ago

If they say no, just tell them your a famous rawk star and you need it for your next world tour!! That should do the trick! If not pitch a fit....

ally1313 2308 days ago

aha! im sure the guy next to you wont mind!! :)

HiphopAsh 2310 days ago

Oh wow! Now that would be an awesome show stopper.

Valerie_Caswell 2311 days ago

Who ever wants to play this would have to have giant fingers! So yeah, even if you wanted to play it, you would need to find that wizard again. :)

JadeRamsay123 2311 days ago

just go back to the magical wizard you came upon and ask him for some shrinking potion to make it pocket size. and then ask him for growing potion so when you your ass back here it will grow and you can play it....

ohheyheycathy 2311 days ago


margaret4545 2311 days ago

depends how big your carry on is i geuss,

NCrvtn 2311 days ago

I dare you to try and bring that home with you! lol. Good luck!

ClaireMTfan 2311 days ago

Good luck with that.

InWithTheOutro 2311 days ago

2 words: foam peanuts!

Abi_MTrench 2311 days ago

Try? ahaha looks kinda interestin tho. and hard to play?

Simron_ 2311 days ago

Just attach some wheels and sit in the sound hole and drive it. Guitarmobile!

Jess_Blakemore 2311 days ago

It might if your carry on was the size of the plane.

mtrencher101 2311 days ago

you might be able to if you use a shrinking potion

paradisewaiting 2311 days ago

BAHAHA I love it

NadrojBrown 2311 days ago

hrogahohkrghiaHOGHAKJEHOGAkJSkjuhserjghjskehrgmajgkl I WANT IT!

sexyfangirl 2311 days ago

i wish you the best of luck...i don't think it'll work though