Sam Bradley


Born in London, raised and plays music.

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1613 days ago


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LLTT22 1480 days ago

Cute!!! :)))

FreakFlagFlyer 1530 days ago

Lab mix? He looks like a great dog.

missg1ggles 1562 days ago

I think my dog was my moms husband in there last life he follows her everywhere and crys every time she leaves lol so I know what you mean lol

Berliner71 1610 days ago

Ok so I read my comment and I admit it doesn't sound right... I meant "I prefer to think of human future lives" as to right the this differently, etc

Berliner71 1610 days ago

I prefer to think of our future lives ;). Surrounded by dogs.

LouisahT 1611 days ago

Exploiting your doggie.. that's just terrible.. unforgivable behaviour. poor thing doesn't even realise he's now all over the internet... shame on you samtwitt!

Claudhop81 1612 days ago

HaHa My dog has this same dog bed and he loves it!! We got it from Costco lol

elizarosemurphy 1612 days ago

Aww. So cute :)

benjis_monikuss 1612 days ago

Dear Sam, I was talking to Blue the other day and she was telling me how awesome her bed is. Please buy me one for my birthday =D Love Mon Xx

FairyWings9105 1613 days ago

Precious sleeping baby... I ♥ it! :)

Ces34 1613 days ago

Oh, well some dogs do need some time off, don't you think so?

steff6363 1613 days ago

the dogs life is so hard!!!eat, sleep, play, be hug...

IrinaSR 1613 days ago

I’m a happy dog at the beach
If I had the power of speech

caspeta 1613 days ago


Marystat 1613 days ago

absolutely adorable!

KatMcKenzie29 1613 days ago

that is strange that we all put the same thing ?!

lilystw 1613 days ago

aaaw, that's so cute! :D

bparada_ 1613 days ago

Aaawn so cute!

KatMcKenzie29 1613 days ago

awww so cute :)