long live the golden donkey. may he guard my page. fear the donkey, love the donkey, donkey is GOOD

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2305 days ago


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VillisLauu 1676 days ago

I love it!

PerfectFix 1955 days ago

ahha Niiice ! i can see mika driving that !!!

LilMissGolden 2087 days ago

hahaha!!! Funny car!!! But is perfect for U!!! It's look like lollipop for guys!!!

ninalolpower 2123 days ago

wow, cute :D
i love it x)

CarmeAlegre 2130 days ago

it looks like an icecream car...

YulsMcFuls 2149 days ago

MOMENT OF TRUTH,LETS SEE IF YOU CAN FIT AND DRIVE AT THE SAME TIME...OOOH lol, it means ull be driving the getaway crazy car from now on! woohoo! lol

WhenYouAreGone 2151 days ago

*o* Take me for a ride on that car? ... but i'm wondering, how you fit in the car? are so tall!! hahahaha!! x)

_rainsounds 2163 days ago

So cool :D and i love it

kihyunkihyun 2197 days ago

ssssssssssssso cool~ 멋있네요^^

natika_lokita 2198 days ago

it's so strange!!

__Lyna 2206 days ago

It will perfect for me in yellow. I love u Mikka XX. Big love from morocco ;-)

Love7Poppi 2216 days ago

OMG!! I have completely sicked right up all over mikasounds *coughs* car.....!

Love7Poppi 2216 days ago

i'm sorry. I have gone completely mad & what not..!! xXx

Love7Poppi 2216 days ago

Mikasounds - I would die to give you, like, my one & only kidney, but this car --- *ralph*

Belgolimbo 2216 days ago

this car should be on Top Gear needs an invite Jeremy Clarkson pay attention here

irenke_maria 2216 days ago

lol this actually suits u:D

GingerLujka 2221 days ago

haha so cool, looks like little golf caddy ... but I thought you didn't drive? o.O

agnexsiuke 2236 days ago

Ouuu... my lovest car. Nice ;))

Its_Clara 2236 days ago

Elle est trop mignonne :)

LeahBouarga 2237 days ago

Woow ! I love