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Sick day in bed. Potential line up of films I haven't seen...

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2111 days ago

Sick day in bed. Potential line up of films I haven't seen...


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miss_broadway 2110 days ago

aw man; should i feel like crap for not knowing what any of these are?

charlottepure 2110 days ago

irma la douce,ahhhhh. putains were really sweet back then hehe

robotsrthebest 2111 days ago

You will love Modern Romance despite its DVD cover.

I'd wait to see California Split on 35mm, because parts of the movie are cut on the DVD because of bullshit music rights issues. All the prints out there are old, and are the full cut.

jessie__louise 2111 days ago

You've never seen Irma La Douce? It's sooooo good! Definitely watch it.

Josh_Howd 2111 days ago

It would probably be weird if I said the same for Kathryn Harrold...

Josh_Howd 2111 days ago

Anything with Elliott Gould is good with me.

briankoppelman 2111 days ago

You gotta watch California Split. People always compare our movie Rounders to Cinci Kid, but Cal Split is the great old gambling/poker movie.

paulajordan07 2111 days ago

Another lemmon/maclaine movie, that one looks great!

JewishZodiac 2111 days ago

The Palm Beach story is one of the greatest farces ever committed to celluloid. It is my favorite Preston Sturges film - pure comic joy.

KimiSchmitz 2111 days ago

You have to watch "MODERN ROMANCE" so smart and truly hysterical.

PulpSeattle 2111 days ago

Modern Romance is good. Typical Albert Brooks.

NothingClean 2111 days ago

Bottom 2 lookin' good. Albert Brooks & Elliott Gould are immeasurably awesome.