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my basement....sweet #fb

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2342 days ago

my basement....sweet #fb


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redsoxfranko 2316 days ago

wth you gonna do with a bucket?, get some pumps going ! lol

jerryscowgirl 2328 days ago

Hey Dierks I love your songs and I know that you've had a tough time along with the people in Nashville, Tn. My boys told their aunt that 1-2 streets behind them was covered in water; luckily the boys were ok thank God. Trust in God and He'll pull you thr

Alyssa6271 2328 days ago

I wish I could be there to help!

dawnaree913 2329 days ago

you're all in our prayers...nature can be so cruel. :(

InMyAwEsOmEnEsS 2337 days ago

awwww! dierks u look so sad. "( it's gotta suk real big FACE!! 1 time water leaked into our basement but, not THAT bad. i hope u guyz get it fixed. Nuthin but luvz n hugz 4 ya. ") U CAN DOOOOO IIIIIT!! HAHA

susanverrier 2337 days ago

same exact thing happened here a few weeks ago... what a drag that was - the water was freezing cold and seemed to never recede... hope & pray that you are you're family are ok...

sunnyFL 2338 days ago

That really looks like it sucks to me! I saw on TV about the flooding and deaths, God Bless e1 in TN and surrounding areas. Gosh there are a lot of things happening in the world lately. We have the oil spill down here. Sucks When do you ever play in FL li

71warrior4Jesus 2338 days ago

Praying for all in the flood. God bless,

Tony on youtube, user name is 71warrior4Jesus

Aloygirl 2339 days ago

We can relate ... 4 feet of water in our business twice in 1996 and again when hurricane Ivan hit. True story that was the year his dad died and Ivan was his name. Guess he was pissed. LOL So sorry wish we could help you, its a ton of work.

SeanRsMom 2340 days ago

That was me in September here in Atlanta when we got flooded, water almost up to my knees. I feel your pain. Lived in Nashville from 2003-20005. Hurts to see everything flooded. Hang in there, man!

1ach 2340 days ago

Hey dierks,
I can't believe how much water you got in your basement. I am praying for you and everyone else in Nashville. stay safe.

willieiam226 2340 days ago

just like so many thousands here in areas of Nashville, tn. Dierks, that really shocks me to see floods this high in Nash.!

adrianftaylor 2341 days ago

I'm praying for you. And thanks for coming to Merle Fest 2010. I hate that this happened to your home while you were in NC. Stay safe and the people of Wilkes Community College and Wilkes County, NC are praying for you all.

imjustagoyle 2341 days ago

Dude, that really sucks. Hope you can all get back to normal soon!

Chelsey623 2341 days ago

Glad you and your family are safe...it took us 7 hours from Nashville to Louisville yesterday. I know the devestation. Heartbroken for TN

lauriepropps 2341 days ago

Iam glad your family is safe....your basement sacrificed itself to keep the rest dry.....

law121804 2342 days ago

I will really miss seeing you and the others because i really like Bluegrass but i understand completely because we have had this a couple of times. Good Luck and stay safe.

postalpam 2342 days ago

Im so sorry about your basement but you still look good! Best of luck to Nashville! Im from Georgia and we had flooding in September!

vharris86 2342 days ago

:( that sucks... Swimming pool in the basement- not part of the floor plans. Best of luck to you and your family.

sjrentz 2342 days ago

Praying for everyone there.....hope things will improve soon. I bet Jake and George don't know what to think!!!!!