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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Alright. Bustin' out the ol' school @oakley Factory Pilots today. Channeling my inner Phil Anderson.

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1950 days ago

Alright. Bustin' out the ol' school Factory Pilots today. Channeling my inner Phil Anderson.


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thewhitecoffee 1940 days ago

so cool...this guy is getting by day..

RobertoMNunes 1946 days ago

Lol this is real retro XD

JRoca79 1947 days ago

1986? great photo :)

ste960 1948 days ago

and steve bauer !!!!!

ddritzenhein 1949 days ago

Cool Shades

Mauhum 1949 days ago

Yeah I remember Phil wearing those.... what's he doing nowadays?!!

DZ_AU 1949 days ago

Too cool. Glad I still have my two pairs stashed away...

IvyLuhrs 1950 days ago

I used to have a pair of those. They really helped to keep the wind out my eyes. I loved the perspiration guard too. I miss them :-(

SnCrlosWatrfrnt 1950 days ago

old school alright, maybe clean out the closet a little more often? What else you got in there?

pshardy 1950 days ago

Phil would be proud!

CTD50 1950 days ago

Careful -- LeMond will get jealous of those, too....

dtfile 1950 days ago

Cool!! I have a set too. Were the coolest riding sunglasses at the time. Still love 'em today!

Hotkarate 1950 days ago

So sick!

off2ride 1950 days ago

Cool. All you need now is the under bite. J K.

JohnBickmore 1950 days ago

should help keep out whatever the wind picked up

jmilob 1950 days ago

That should be a Datsun logo on your sleeve!

LarryBirdy 1950 days ago

If that is the 'Thump'-version you could have Van Halen telling you to Jump! I must say the kit is growing on me. It's up there with Motorola and Brooklyn. Ride like the wind!! (Christopher Cross-wind that is.. ;-)

Master_Kenobi 1950 days ago

Ok Cool! But PLEASE don't forget; win the Tour of France and DEDICATE it to all the cancer fighters in the world. They deserve that...

handsonly97 1950 days ago

Damn bloody cool!!

suzzi4u 1950 days ago

Bad to the bone!