Joe Scarborough


The morning after the White House Correspondents Dinner

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2309 days ago

The morning after the White House Correspondents Dinner


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loudbigmouth 2308 days ago

I am sure that isn't starbucks in that coffee cup...don't you guys have stylists to select your sunglasses.. Seriously, looks like 1982 called Mika.. They want their sunglasses back. And you too Joe, I watched the Mornin Joe special..

GeneGuilford 2308 days ago

Happy Birthday Mika!

Sidnickels 2308 days ago

Mika looks great! Joe, I see you trying to step up ya wardrobe game.

CalNatveSD 2308 days ago

P.S. - Hope you all got some (a LOT of) sleep after this. Keep working like this and you might wind up in a ward near Chris.

CalNatveSD 2308 days ago

Idea for a musical group. Have Andrea Mitchell join you. Arrange yourselves left to right as follows: Joe, Willie, Mika, and Andrea. Your name would be, "The Democratic Party Poll Numbers"...

marivaldes22 2309 days ago

awesome picture of you guys. you look very cool. i especially like Joe's shirt tail hanging out. it gives the feeling he's been working hard despite of being up all night.

reneechi 2309 days ago

there's a good looking trio

hollypenland 2309 days ago

Mika, a bloody mary will probably be good right about now!

COBfan 2309 days ago

OMG! Joe Scarborough looks too cool. His complexion fresh, young. Mika so vogue. Willie adorable!

donna816 2309 days ago

You guys look like you had to good of a time last night,lol >

dramaqueene 2309 days ago

Tuck in your shirt tails, Joe. Really.

LindaLeigh226 2309 days ago

Twitpic's, YES! You all look great!

Beitzelaw 2309 days ago

Joe really should have gone to bed rather than staying up all night doing whatever. Not a pretty sight. The shirttail is the evidence.

vegarose 2309 days ago

you guys look stylish if not a bit hung over! get it..hung over/hang over...watching the show this AM..thanks!

broadwaykewpie 2309 days ago

Mafia much ;)

stefanroberts 2309 days ago

Mika has a definite sense of Dietrich about her here! The boys definitely look like add-ons.

douglaserogers 2309 days ago

good picture of you three. i like it