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Copy of stimulus bill. Took 6 hours to print!

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2892 days ago

Copy of stimulus bill. Took 6 hours to print!


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alexrudloff 2890 days ago

A little more background on this picture. This belongs to a congressman. It was printing by his office when the bill was received. Kids on reddit were suggesting I set the margins high, etc.. Nope. This is the *actual* bill that was sent to the members.

TI3GIB 2890 days ago

That's what lawyers do when they try to hide something significant, cram it between many many insignificant material

alexrudloff 2891 days ago

Also, it looks like a reflection of the bill in the glass. It's not. The wire ties used for binding were not big enough for the whole thing. It's split into two giant pieces.

alexrudloff 2891 days ago

Certainly not before it was voted on. Even if you kept up with everything as it was put together, there are hand written notes and things crossed out with pen done before it was sent to the floor.

daveconrey 2891 days ago

I would challenge any lawmaker on capitol hill to say they read the entire thing, and that includes their staff.

stuckathomedad 2892 days ago

Nobody in Washington knows what is in the bill, except for their little piece of the pie. I think I would get pissed ready the Bill.

dealexpert 2892 days ago

Does anyone really know everything that is in there? Maybe like a computer program there are some hidden Easter Eggs :)

leocomerlato 2892 days ago

Holy shit. That is huge