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This is how it looked on the monitors Anchorman

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2895 days ago

This is how it looked on the monitors Anchorman


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_mrlsk 2804 days ago

i'll give anything for your concert. you just HAVE to come to estonia.

susand1981 2894 days ago

great picture! coldplay were robbed at the brits they definitely deserved every award they were nominated for duffy didn't deserve a one of them she's a bore!

alansmitheejp 2895 days ago

So cool you are!! nice pic ;)

massivemouth2 2895 days ago

cant believe you didn't get a single brit. i think you are just above them and most of the british public just dont appreciate properly talented bands and just go for glamour!

maryhorak 2895 days ago

Brilliant performance. Travesty that you didn't get any Brits tonight.

jujube5160 2895 days ago

God, I never get tired of seeing them do this - or anything for that matter! Can't wait to see them again in August!! Viva la Vida!

_RadPitt 2895 days ago


pixiepen 2895 days ago

wow. every notice how the painting for viva looks like it has chris and guy in it. try to find them and tweet me. :)

dawnella 2895 days ago

Was great good luck

thedondogs 2895 days ago

Great performance says the woof woof

ctopanga 2895 days ago

Wish I lived in the UK to get that channel...

olliewo 2895 days ago

So weird to see this so quickly! I just watched that live on screen :D Well done and good luck for Best Single- you deserve it!

podzhog 2895 days ago


loretin 2895 days ago

well done, guys :D

Coldplayer94 2895 days ago

I wish i was there :D

simonsleaze 2895 days ago

i watched this 'live' so surreal!

eMSY 2895 days ago

AWSOME performance!! Well done chaps - can you send me some of that confetti?? LOL

Leafybear 2895 days ago

Chris looks like he should be in Spandau Ballet

paul4july 2895 days ago

just a shame u cant hear him

mrstracey1972 2895 days ago

was amazing performance feel sorry for the cleaners later lol