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CaseyMoule010 1904 days ago

hell yeah great advertising, haha lovin it

MarkyMarkRockz 1904 days ago

SNUGGIES! my little brother gave me one for X-Mas

roarimazombie 2050 days ago

HAHAHA. They're just backwards robes.

roarimazombie 2050 days ago

HAHAHA. It's just a backwards robe.

shippingjiall 2105 days ago

OMFG I so want a Snuggie! Seriously! LOL. Pretty sad...

AliMcHargitay13 2106 days ago

HAHA lmao=D

tefaniperez 2206 days ago

omg...snuggie's...r u serious?!? they look cheap:P

spud1340 2208 days ago

how can get one in UK?

houseofmanybeds 2236 days ago

Sounds like something painful you might have done to a friend(as a joke) back in grade school

alysoup 2243 days ago

I have mine on right now...it really is great for using a laptop ha

piccolopooh 2243 days ago

LOL. you've joined the cult!

silvercowboybts 2243 days ago

I know a snuggler???????????????????????????????

curlyb805 2258 days ago

silverton casino was giving those out last month. I won 13 of them. everyone uses them. wish i would have invented that.

dbubblez 2266 days ago

hehehe.... i saw this on ELLEN ... some people just come up with all the great ideas!

FullTimeSteph 2272 days ago

OMG my Aunt Got One!!! I really Want One now! =]

chris_silva 2276 days ago

the Snuggie is the new meme of our age!

LindsayWhite 2277 days ago

Haha this is a hilarious picture. I love it :-D

fxracingirl05 2282 days ago

and oh yea mines not blue...its brown...so I look like a big poop!

fxracingirl05 2282 days ago

I got a snuggie and really liked it until I was getting up off of my couch and it got stuck on something and I went flat on my face! Be careful! Or just dont be a klutz like me :)

carpenter11 2285 days ago

does it really work?