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2307 days ago

rhodes tavern.jpg


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puxxled 2307 days ago

Carrying on the tradition, bars have been a part of my election night experience for as long as I remember.

Halosoulfire 2307 days ago

Best place to have an election. Vote, the celebrate your victory or drown your sorrows; wonderfully convenient.

OneActivist 2307 days ago

Guessing the ale was all paid for that day.

locknpost 2307 days ago

a boarding house for Congressmen as well? 'ale to diplomacy http://www.dcmemorials.com/index_indiv0000770.htm

RMandAMCrock 2307 days ago

awwwwe and it happened on my birthday!...190ish years earlier though!

LauraSperber 2307 days ago

As if my craving for a nice cold beer wasn't killing me already..... *shakes fist* stupid work.

tpabob46 2307 days ago

Did you have to be a scholar to get a drink?

jkhsquonk 2307 days ago

That's right, women weren't allowed to vote then. :( But still a cool plaque.

ArcataProFloor 2307 days ago

Awfully appropriate to post this on Kentucky Derby Day.

CoryThompson 2307 days ago

Not a church! I am shocked. OK, not really.

mokinbird01 2307 days ago

had the first election in a bar did they? :)

Reggie523 2307 days ago

A Country founded stoned...maybe?

jenselkirk 2307 days ago

Drink one 4 those of us stuck tween a cactus and rattler here in AZ Rachel! I suggest shot of Revolucian! 100% Blue Agave:P

mcjoerapmasterx 2307 days ago

Now you have made me thirsty for a frosty mug of ALE.

PotterBeth 2307 days ago

Love the plaque! And the comments...Pass the ale 'n' ballots, please! Hm. Can't place where in DC Rhodes Tavern was, though....

LAJOLLACRITIC4U 2307 days ago

Hey Rach, I like to visit the Ebbit Grill when I'm in town

ahsan 2307 days ago

soaked democracy #Genius

sonjablair 2307 days ago

women and minorities outside the pub...guess they were told to wait out there along with the children, LOL...very cool piece of history, however!

jenselkirk 2307 days ago

Voted in many an election where I needed a drink..did I mention I live in Tucson, AZ. Not safe to go out today...bad feeling bout protests

jenk264 2307 days ago

Can I have a shot of 'Freedom of Art'? please? Ok, that's my variation..