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pic #2.... Pick Me, Pick Me..... Jacob & Bella... RESHOOT

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2247 days ago

pic #2.... Pick Me, Pick Me..... Jacob & Bella... RESHOOT


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Nadua_aka_Bella 2245 days ago

WOW!!! cool!!!

Shea98 2246 days ago

..Is this by Pitt River? Or am I totally off base?

Ana_Patricio 2246 days ago


pfvrtolinda 2246 days ago

OMG, *------------*

Twihard422 2246 days ago

I think i know what scene this is. If you watch the first eclipse trailer when jacob tells bella im in love with you and i want you to pick me instead of him they are wearing the same outfits. Maybe they are reshooting that scene because of her hair.

JeanHar 2247 days ago

zomg :D!

Robsten_Crazy 2247 days ago

yaaaaah the punch scene! kristen if i were you i would punch him of the edge, just say it's an accident

JoanRKParisLove 2247 days ago

jeje, i agree =D

Shea98 2247 days ago

Great! I think I know where this is...I can't believe I live so close; yet it seems so far away...

searsey 2247 days ago

Give him one for all of us [that's a slapping not a shagging ok]

stephj_07 2247 days ago

so does this mean that we DO get to see her punch Jacob in his stupid face?

RPattzgirl 2247 days ago

Smack down Bella!

MaahLimax 2247 days ago

OMG foto das refilmagens de Eclipse =O Bella&Jacob !!!

Debbie3850 2247 days ago


1darkeclipse 2247 days ago

nice work rick.

amazeofgrace6_9 2247 days ago

Kristen looks cold

amazeofgrace6_9 2247 days ago

Kristen looks cold

Lillis__ 2247 days ago

Eu quero #Eclipse ... mto, urgente, d+ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh eu qro logo!!!!!!

HireTayDaniel 2247 days ago

OMG!! why am i fan girling? it's just a blurry pic. smh. i need to get it together.

ChechuMelg 2247 days ago

Que estaran grabando?¿