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The Milky Way Galaxy...from the Space Shuttle Discovery!

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2251 days ago

The Milky Way Galaxy...from the Space Shuttle Discovery!


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djsheptx 1923 days ago

Great "screen saver" shot!

Astro_Clay 1923 days ago

Some have seen this before...but it's what the Milky Way looks like from Discovery on STS131.

spaceflight 2232 days ago

WOW ... Awesome ! I need a Enterprise to explore the Milky Way ;o) ...

PC0101 2245 days ago

This pic shows that stars and Earth can be seen at the same time as long as the overall scene is rather dark and does not exceed the admissible contrast range of the camera.

JQsan 2248 days ago

Yeay! The leo to hustle in Spring! Awesome!

Stelygs 2249 days ago

Wow, a privileged observation point indeed, for such a view!

DaveAMac 2250 days ago

Now that is simply incredible! Words can't describe it!...

sanduleak_1 2250 days ago

MAGNIFICA!!! Amazing photo!!! Thank You Clay! This is a beautiful gift ...

gaz4053 2250 days ago

Brilliant.....just brilliant!

NamikoF 2250 days ago

May 01, 2010 17:50 JST"..over the window"

Peacock486 2250 days ago

And we're stuck in earth orbit for now. i swear we would invent warp drive before we get beyond LEO again =P

theotribbiani 2250 days ago

Bellissima!!! Look the right size we can see pollux and castor! My constelation Gemini!

Bqdyq 2250 days ago


EireMegs35 2250 days ago

That's crazy spectacular, Clay!

masutebaria 2250 days ago


motorbikematt 2251 days ago


nobu9391 2251 days ago

A photograph of the space is beautiful!

maruceballos 2251 days ago


Grosby 2251 days ago

Beautiful. Just.. Just beautiful!

DarrenTownend 2251 days ago

You are living my dream!