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joe_potatoe 2275 days ago

all hail the medical industry! spare no expense... erhm where did the bird/swine/croc/pig flue go?? and why are they dumbing all the vaccines that have run out of date - just pondering.

Yoohoogood 2401 days ago

I hate pills...so this doesn't pertain to me.=P I don't even take my recommended meds..mainly because they cause more problems then I need.

mitzimckinney 2402 days ago

deal with your karma people, its not your parents fault, or the generations before u , we have our own stuff to deal with. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for YOURSELF. Be an adult. :)

lifeisgood12345 2403 days ago


lifeisgood12345 2403 days ago


lifeisgood12345 2403 days ago

note**docs over-rx to the hilt not only to the geriatrics. growl.

lifeisgood12345 2403 days ago

brings on a strange yet very strong calmness. *****++++>>>>>all good.

lifeisgood12345 2403 days ago

the fog DOES lift. incredibly.

lifeisgood12345 2403 days ago

W/ big boingish PRIDE: one addrll 10mg/day. nothing more. days & counting! i'm backkkkkkkkkkkk!!!! thank GOD! med malpractice: dbld dosage booboo via kind nghbrhood doc/day b4 hell n back. in my case; definately a PLUS; adhd; mks me not 4get. advanta

m_hinchliffe 2404 days ago

i found the pills addictive after a while, i felt like i needed them to be "normal", kind of have to reprogramme your brain I guess.

patchxcaroleo 2405 days ago

I saw your story on that old show 30mins a few years ago, it's comforting to know that someone so charismatic battles with depression much like many individuals out there cuz sometimes you can really feel alone in all that crap. Thank you for that.

purplesunset54 2406 days ago


ddsnorth 2408 days ago

sad tragic reality; a quagmire of which the only returns are profits to pharmaceutical co's and government

KathleenParkes0 2409 days ago

Jim, this is the best makeup yet!

naturedmike003 2409 days ago

Forget about getting help from a friend. There certainly must be an answer in one of these pills , i know there must, there just must. !!!

bibliorina_osma 2409 days ago

I heard about that :S

NewAge22 2410 days ago

theres proof in the pudding that pills do help, without them the world would be an even more scary place!

myallegiance 2412 days ago

i have not had a drink or even an asprin in years-nothing- ever since my old boss -my buddy- like a dad, Sam = got killed head on by a drunk driver-that was on pain meds...leaving behind 16yr, son & wife- its like it happened yesterday & hurts-i still see

Arigirl 2413 days ago

Pills arent the answer to everything,but after being abandoned from a 30yr marrage,it helps the madness go away.( for awhile )

piratess 2413 days ago

Doctors of yore, prescribed "some time in the country..." NOW the Television Machine tells us to, "Tell your doctor you NEED THIS PILL!"