Michael Rogers


Team HTC - Columbia

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2018 days ago


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dicklanevelo 1871 days ago

geez mick, those where the days!

kaners1 2017 days ago

you could keep both sides of the country happy here in northern ireland with those colours!!!!

MattPinkstone 2017 days ago

I love the green & gold jersey more than the sunnies! Aiming high even as a young tacker! (or were you on the Australian U/11 team?)

HermDegs 2017 days ago

That saddle's THE BOMB! I also reckon you could've shaved a full 60 seconds off your best persuit time if you didn't have the goggles on :-)

pvdploeg 2018 days ago

Great, thanks!

These "Greg Lemond/Andy Hampsten/Steve Bauer-glasses" I've still have at home somewhere (first edition Oakley, 1987 I guess?). Take care. Philip

rabbitmeg 2018 days ago

Cute. The sunnies go well with the fixie!

smsturm 2018 days ago

In the Aussie champ colours already...

igor_oliveira 2018 days ago

my god! look at this glasses!!!!

Ruth_Laugalis 2018 days ago

gr8 shot, looking cool :)

cerealjoe 2018 days ago

Oh! Now that's a classic look! Love the shades.

pascoedj 2018 days ago

classic shot, love it !

DWMcKinney 2018 days ago

Pretty sure I've seen a pic of Armstrong wearing some of those too! Classic

leviner50 2018 days ago

Those are some sick shades.

pinnacle801 2018 days ago

That picture is AMAZING!!! I so wish I was that cool.

JulieHarden 2018 days ago

Fantastic! Where are the podium girls?

jsaba514 2018 days ago


SoCalCycling 2018 days ago

Very cute! How old were you here? I like the Oakley Factory Pilots.

SimonReye 2018 days ago

Let me guess, you road to a Star Wars convention?

Scotty_Cycles 2018 days ago