Alec Sulkin


Breaker of Swift Mustache Hairs

This guy thought everything would be cool. He was wrong.

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2461 days ago

This guy thought everything would be cool. He was wrong.


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LCTop 2433 days ago

who knew there was a 70's porn moustache in this boy's future?

Lifeiskitsch 2434 days ago

I don't know you, but I like this.

itssnotme 2434 days ago

michael jacksonstein

Fursflying 2447 days ago

Wait, that a leather glove? sweeeeeeeettt.

bfrederi 2447 days ago

Knight Rider had a gay son? Or is this Hobie from Baywatch? "The Hoff" is written all over this one.

bfrederi 2447 days ago

I didn't know Knight Rider had a gay son? If not, this is the gayest photo Hobie from Baywatch ever took.

JuiceeeeJo 2454 days ago

Despite the attempt at camouflage, the white jew boy stood out amongst the homies and ho's-fo-sho's.

juliussharpe 2460 days ago


JuiceeeeJo 2460 days ago

When did Liza Minelli do Thriller?

jlapey 2461 days ago

Weeeellll, weren't you cute?

PhantomMick 2461 days ago

He rubs vaseline on his hand under that glove to keep it soft, so he can satisfy his old lady. Yub Nub.

Swadehead 2461 days ago

Wow. It's Fonzie's nephew, Spike.

bombfilledshark 2461 days ago

To be fair, looking like Ralph Macchio back then probably felt like having a trust fund full of pussy.

LinLorienelen 2461 days ago

Wow... Wonder Years gorgeous.

NobleSasquatch 2461 days ago

Hey everybody, it's Andrew Dice Gay. Get it?

catjungle 2461 days ago

what a smoldering spotty adolescent!

freeponies 2461 days ago

Wait. Is that a glove?

freeponies 2461 days ago

I think I love him. And the jacket. Definitely.

Starrlett17 2461 days ago

ahahaha! best yearbook picture right here. what year is this from?

chocolakai 2461 days ago