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Screen capture from the BBC debate

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1669 days ago

Screen capture from the BBC debate


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tewhag 1660 days ago

Cameron, I wish you won the outright majority

Buemoon71 1667 days ago

Only one of them is for Real Change by the looks of it. Clegg will dance to the Labour Tune.

sofiagk 1668 days ago

I think your picture is on the Guardian front page now - check it out

theflaneuse 1669 days ago

Cameron can't even do the hokey cokey

nevstokes 1669 days ago

Invisible treadmills

offasreturnII 1669 days ago

Prostate Problems? Which one of these is wearing a Bag?

offasreturnII 1669 days ago

Two of these have been shopping at Heron

Wiitte 1669 days ago

Cameron: 'Father' please make them stop,- I don't know the steps...

Rainbow_Opal71 1669 days ago

Awwww nick and gordon trying to look cute (not)

JamJarJimmy 1669 days ago

It's just a jump to the left.........

Oranj 1669 days ago


LouiseTiniswood 1669 days ago

I didn't realize that Brotherhood of Man had reformed!

rach72 1669 days ago

Simon says - stand on your right leg..........dave - you not playing anymore??

droobey 1669 days ago

One finger, one thumb, one arm, one leg...

paulmcardle 1669 days ago

Good to see Tiggy-hospital making a come-back

katehawkings 1669 days ago

Auditioning for River Dance in event of their being out of work next week?

SuperSuop 1669 days ago

if they find the debate tiring how are they going to run the govt? Cameron's lookign for divine intervention..somebody save us!

AmyRT89 1669 days ago

haha! love this! look at cameron's expression, he's not havin any of it!

mscodex 1669 days ago

Poll dancing.

flumpme 1669 days ago

..left leg in, you put your left leg out... DAMMITDAVID, that's your RIGHT leg again!
Sorry boys... and from the top... a-one a-two...