Cory Monteith


tall, awkward, canadian, actor, drummer, person.

best shirt award goes to:

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1895 days ago

best shirt award goes to:


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90sPopGuru 1497 days ago

One of the best delievered lines ever Heather :D

juliaoliveirat 1509 days ago

heather! <3

Hemoverse 1510 days ago

HeMo ♥♥

carolnoz 1510 days ago

Hemo ♥

TheGleekopedia 1577 days ago

Which one for men? hahahaa

MariiiiannaC 1627 days ago

I like her in glee, HAHAHA, she's very funny

GabrielOnyx 1763 days ago

So cute and beautiful -I love her (:

aluftballoon 1822 days ago

my family is so depressed that its not on, that were just watching it over and over again lol

boomboompow24 1827 days ago

haha love this girlll<3333 she's soo cute(:

HottieChord 1835 days ago

are you guys dating??

cheeseball23 1835 days ago

LOL That's one of my favorite lines from you, Heather!!

JBieberloverxxx 1836 days ago

i love the shirt heather (: and i think that i got it ! it goes "i bet the duck's in the hat" ! ;)

Siniray 1837 days ago

love it!!

gleek_danny 1838 days ago


KungFuKittie 1838 days ago

I dont get it either haha but hmmm

boneenabanana 1838 days ago

i also like the 'i'm pretty sure my cat's been reading my diary' shirt. AHAHAHA

elliemcxo 1843 days ago

WANT IT !! ps i love heather :D

mslindaloux 1843 days ago


j3nn1e 1849 days ago

Love it! :)

casucarr 1849 days ago

Ha, nice. My bestfriend is in LOVE with her haha