nathan followill


I'm a drummer, lover, smoker, drinker and a thinker.

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2278 days ago


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puprocker5 2248 days ago

Yup you are blowing a big bubble but inside of it there is a fish's mouth gasping for air, LOL!

Samantha913 2266 days ago

Is that a bubble I see or are you just happy to see us? Ya know that's one mighty big bubble ya got there...

GianellaDiaz 2276 days ago

The most beautiful bubble I've ever laid eyes on xx

raissarmartins 2277 days ago

I make her () words my own :)

elenwho 2278 days ago

Holy mother of big bubble gum!I hope you all are seriously thinking of playing this album on Brazilian soil, otherwise the fans here are going to freak out! Cheers

yelsels 2278 days ago

Well Done!! ^_^ x

RocktheBeat88 2278 days ago

ah I see you're really ready!

Denisse_credi 2278 days ago

wow that's a big bubble.... i hope that didn't blow up in your face!! keep rocking and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make home movies!!!!

KOLRocksNRules 2278 days ago

OMG! Proof positive that the studio is haunted. If you look closely, you'll notice an orb covering most of Nathans face!!!

KrisBankston 2278 days ago

Wow, look at your buffness!

lovejunkstitch 2278 days ago


dnz87 2278 days ago

I love this photo,Nathan! Nice bubble,buddy! *lol*

tmitterly 2278 days ago

Don't you love it when the gum gets stuck on the nose ;-)

AnnikaSo 2278 days ago

You will receive a gold medal on Olympic Games on blowing bubbles!!! ))))))))

DearKellyB 2278 days ago

That is the sexest F'n bubble I have ever beast!

micahurley 2278 days ago

woah! muscles!

adrienne_amelie 2278 days ago

nice bubble! and even better arms

IAHemingway 2278 days ago

all i see are shoulders u mother effin tease.

kazfoxxy 2278 days ago

stop blowing bubbles and get on with making that album *stamps foot*

chelseasafc 2278 days ago