Trey Songz


CHAPTER V the album in stores Aug 21st

Hahaaaa look at this they changed it

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2249 days ago

Hahaaaa look at this they changed it


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40_jalen 1409 days ago

Watz up please follow me

itslilayy 2226 days ago

whenn are you coming back to VIRGINIA AGAIN?!? WE MISS YOU ALREADYY!

itslilayy 2226 days ago

whenn are you coming back to VIRGINIA AGAIN?!? WE MISS YOU ALREADYY!

MeiLarenn 2227 days ago

hahaha u need to check ya inbox bae...its 36 unread tweets...muuuuuuahhhz! lol

BarbieYuuup 2249 days ago

lmao, thats you tremaine

shellyChia 2249 days ago

Who changed what

folkiss 2249 days ago

Nobody is above mistake.....Follow me Aldon

alexiscoupe2kt 2249 days ago

Mistakes happen that's what makes us human and if we didn't make any then we would be perfect. Maybe she's perfect! Follow me Tremaine @ alexiscoupe2kt

PrinceDurio 2249 days ago


09_TweetieX3 2249 days ago

we all make mistakes...hehe. itz all gravy bby! love your artistic personality...u rose up quick; yea u made it! lol. follow me at 09_TweetieX3 if u please. keep up da great work! *much love from an adoring fan*

amelodyfrmhvn 2249 days ago

hey trey u need 2 follow someone if u've already met them! come on! u already kno da business lmao but seriously luv ur cd i'm always listenin to it in my car *muaahzz*

GottaLUViT12 2249 days ago

Hey Trey... Dats life we all mak a mistakes... But u made NO mistake n da album READY Trey its goin hard jus 2 hard I can't take it out da radio... SO 4get dat miss spelled word keep doin wut u do Trey....

TriciaMatusse 2249 days ago

please follow ur fan ,love ya!!!!

Cee_Amour 2249 days ago

Dang, no battery,no service! but you rokcin w/ the best AT&T (=

babygirlt1007 2249 days ago

Hi sweetheart.. keep doing what u doing... I LOVE EVERY BIT OF IT...

OneAndOnly97 2249 days ago

Sweetie you need to charge you phone n follow me at

tiapresley 2249 days ago

Follow me NOW shawty!!!! Sike just kiddin but plz do follow me ctfu sooooo hard *songzyuuup*

Miss31Flavas 2249 days ago

LLs, thats hella funny trey..... we knew who u meant hun......

juicyjaneece25 2249 days ago

I knew wht u meant Trey~Baby lol thts hella funny i can fuck wit u

LILJAY_NEWGIRL 2249 days ago

hahaaa ur havein fun laughin at dis trey!!