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Thank you @elizadushku for speaking out for #equality the #lgbt community needs more straight allies! #NOH8

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2455 days ago

Thank you for speaking out for #equality the #lgbt community needs more straight allies! #NOH8


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swolfmoon 2453 days ago

This is really great, you Ms. Eliza, are fantastic! (your hair looks so pretty by the way lol)

Mellogirl1 2454 days ago

Wow u rawked this ... thanx

katiesdaddykat 2454 days ago

Go girl! this isn't about right & left, it's about right & wrong.

druboyks 2454 days ago

This is awesome. I loves you Eliza! You rock!

thefunkymutt 2454 days ago

♥ This is beast =)

akrivi_4 2454 days ago

You rock!!!

FadedYouthBlog 2454 days ago

I suggest you look up the word "hate."

filthmart 2454 days ago

Oh, so you're being deliberately obtuse. It's unfortunate (and ironic) that you feel the need to bring hate to NOH8.

angel063 2454 days ago

NOH8!! Awww great Eliza!!!

FadedYouthBlog 2454 days ago

I wanna promote my blog. Maybe I should do a too!!!!

Paige3012 2454 days ago

NO H8!!!!

krisrehl 2454 days ago

Thank you.

loanjoan1 2454 days ago

Beauty AND a good heart! We love her!

jessirocky 2454 days ago

I find your brilliant action and Eliza Dusku is ravisante. Saddened for my vocabulary, I am useless in English, I am French

filthmart 2454 days ago


filthmart 2454 days ago

It may seems like a drop in the bucket, but no effort is too little in my opinion.

filthmart 2454 days ago

for their favorite celebs being involved. Unfortunately celebs hold a lot of influence over our society, and sometimes all it takes is a picture to garner interest and support for the cause.

filthmart 2454 days ago

You sound jaded and kind of bitter. It's easy to be deflated and dragged down by the senseless attacks on LGBT rights and standard of living. NOH8 brings awareness of the LGBT struggle to people who might not care or realize if it weren't

ATCBoat10 2454 days ago

Way to go, Eliza! I never understood the hate towards LGBT folks, unfortunately some of it is driven by so-called Christians who fail to follow Christ's teachings of love for all.

lorrainepickard 2454 days ago

u keep goin girl the world needs people like u, celebrities av a voice cos people listen more, than say me