Diablo Cody


America or Burst

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1849 days ago


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ajsela_ 1808 days ago


SenorFeldman 1820 days ago

am i the only one who zoomed in on the skidmark?

Jessicaaston 1842 days ago

LMFAO how the hell did he get in that situation :P

ampmods 1846 days ago

Who sat in the booth next? geesh.

FlossyMossy 1847 days ago

Now this is a Viagra side effect i can get down with!!!!!

IsisAsetian 1847 days ago

OMG! This pic is priceless! All I want to ask Keifer is when, where & why? Hilarious!

ThreeHundredC 1848 days ago

damn Keifer is wasted

GypCR0se 1849 days ago

yeah i think so, the skid marks were the first thing i noticed before anything else.

Graygrrrl 1849 days ago

Are those skid marks?

AwesomeCrysti 1849 days ago

Meh, it happens.

TheRealRokStar 1849 days ago

WTF Jack Bauer???!!!

shitmymouthsays 1849 days ago

The picture isn't working. What is it?! (Love using the ?! combo)

MissQu 1849 days ago

se parece a nachito, el baby de la silvia

Amedyr 1849 days ago

Kiefer Sutherland really should stop making bets.

Jeremy_Pessoa 1849 days ago

Hahaha. That's pretty funny.

DementedORD 1849 days ago

Who knew Jack Bauer could be so cool....

SunThisMarch 1849 days ago

Well, I wonder who won THAT bet?

MotherShutter 1849 days ago

Oh my...

FizzleThumbs 1849 days ago

at least there is no poopy in his white briefs

James6ft3 1849 days ago

Don't know where this place is but I'll have what he's having