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I play a scientist on TV. Obsessive maker of things. Host of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel.

As requested: my serenity ship's papers and Alliance money.

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2171 days ago

As requested: my serenity ship's papers and Alliance money.


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wazzasay 1945 days ago

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I WANT!!!!! :'( its soo pritty !

JoshNuttall 2108 days ago

I am way too gorram excited about this! did you make these as well? or purchase?

I had no idea there was a community of fellow film-nerds who would actually WANT something like the firefly's papers...or alliance money for that matter.

thanks for sh

mustinroy 2129 days ago

Wow I'm amazed at the amount of people who know what this is from and that Adam Savage has it SWEET.

StoicJim 2129 days ago

Mal: "And Kaylee, what the hell's goin' on in the engine room? Were there monkeys? Some terrifying space monkeys maybe got loose?"

mplsnudecpl 2161 days ago

wow so very cool

sjtwigg 2163 days ago

oh my god, *nerdgasm* I'm so jealous!

nerdygamerchick 2169 days ago

picture does partial justice. the leather is SO nice on these things, and the paper stocks they use is simply fantastic. now i am jealouys of 2 freakin people! lol

confortif 2170 days ago

Shiny! I have my own collection of goodies from Serenity (prop money used in bank heist, shirt worn by Jewel Staite's stunt double). Wish I'd gotten the ship's papers though.

wolfyhound 2170 days ago

Shiney! OMG I'm so jealous! Ferretrose, thanks for the link!

ferretrose 2170 days ago

Joshua, the money is still available, but the Ship's Papers are not. Check out

Renfield286 2171 days ago

That is so damn cool!!! i wants it.

Namanert 2171 days ago

Oh my god, that's freaking awesome.

RobinInSeoul 2171 days ago

Oh yeah, for got to ask. Did you get the super special Alliance ID photo to go with it?

RobinInSeoul 2171 days ago

Very shiny! It's nice to see so many Browncoats on Twitter! :D

literatewench 2171 days ago

Oooooh, shiny! (looks at other comments) Yep, that's the word to use all right.

MikeChelen 2171 days ago

spill some coffee and singe the edges, they will fool any alliance agent in the system

alexandriash 2171 days ago

Wicked Shiny! Thanks for posting! *geeks out*

eithrael 2171 days ago

That is so very awesome! Thanks for posting this! I'm envious.

joshua_w 2171 days ago

Shiny. SOOOO awesome! I want some, where can I get it?

Kalidor 2171 days ago