LeVar Burton


Actor, Director, Educator, Student

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2545 days ago


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Sde1027 2419 days ago

Levar's lower face is on fire... lol

itnbfzi 2424 days ago

CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT!!!! Can't have candles on my birthday cake. Can't get an open burning permit.

levarfan 2494 days ago

This picture is hilarity on several levels, LOL!!! You really know how to enjoy life. LOVE IT!

trish1972 2518 days ago


chenrae 2518 days ago

Geordi's a Aquarius- get out of here Feb. 5th. Happy belated.

TeeMonster 2542 days ago

"Captain, the cake's core is dangerously close to a breach!"

rablinger 2543 days ago

Happy Birthday Levar from Australia. Looking at the jumper it looks cold.

DangerWill42 2543 days ago

Happy Belated Birthday!

georgegumpert 2544 days ago

Happy Birthday LB! Though I must say, it looks like your mouth is the ark of the covenant!

pegva 2544 days ago

WOW, happy belated BD, Levar!!

ThunderDolt 2544 days ago

So *THAT'S* how Geordi lost his vision?

zackaroo 2544 days ago

happy belated birthday Levar. Your commitment to literacy made me the man I am today. I am studying to teach English education and help others read as you did on your wonderful show.

thunderlounge 2544 days ago

Big thanks to LeVar Burton... for ensuring firefighters have a job. :)

Saille 2544 days ago

You eat it *after* the candles are out, my friend. I know quitting smoking is hard, but sheesh!

linda260 2544 days ago

Love it! But are those enough candles?

NinkyBink 2544 days ago

Hope you had a great birthday!

rosebud3606 2544 days ago

this is adorable. hope you had a nice evening. ~amy.

afistfulofsky 2544 days ago

Happy birthday!! That cake looks scrumptious. :D

Nochipra 2544 days ago

Oh man, Chocolate cake my favorite! I want some:)

emmajgwen 2544 days ago

Can you Tweet a slice to us?