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Kristen.... Happy to be back in VanCity

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2222 days ago

Kristen.... Happy to be back in VanCity


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RPattzSmirk 2218 days ago

what a great photo

luisitagil 2219 days ago

i love KStew's smile!!! Is sooo sweet!!!!!

jessicaolinda 2221 days ago

diva, love her !

Marianixcr 2222 days ago


KStewsBlackBra 2222 days ago

Sweetheart......The love of my life.......:D

ItsValeria316 2222 days ago

mmm.. Kristen..is..is.. awww... I love her!!

kellanfan91 2222 days ago

she's amazing!!!!...and she's so sweet...I love her!!!!

laurieO76 2222 days ago

Oh, Kristen we fans are this happy you and Rob are reunited! Squeee!

Kstew_SexyLegs 2222 days ago

She looks so happy?!!! :D Is Rob there?? WOW maybe she was thinking "i´m going to have a great, hot, sexy, good loud cries, this night..." ahahah

Risputh 2222 days ago

why so happy dear? aha,someone is gonna get steamy tonite,bwhahaaa (ups!!!)

Fayfay0215 2222 days ago

What a beautiful smile! Good to see that!

naty_fer2 2222 days ago

owwwwwwwnnnnnnnn good memories in vc enh stew?

zy_______ 2222 days ago

I JUST LOVE HER !! SHE ROCKS !! she looks so beautiful smiling... Why is she there ??

ckk1000 2222 days ago

Good for u Kristen............u go girl!!!!
Luv to see you smiling.......

rivashane 2222 days ago

oh!!!kristen!!!I really envy her *sigh* she is HOT :)

Kristen4U_ 2222 days ago

Seeing her laugh makes you forget everything

phips16 2222 days ago

aww SmileyStew. so nice to see her happy

HouseofsouthDK 2222 days ago

Oh!! She looks so happy. Wonder why :)
Hope they´r gonna have a greate time!!
Just love that smile :)

anita_cello 2222 days ago

She's just made my day, just saying

searsey 2222 days ago

happy to be in VanCity or looking forward to possible encounter you decide lol