Coheed and Cambria


We are a band from New York.

Claudio and his pal Plex goof around at Coachella. @yogabbagabba @claudiopsanchez

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2257 days ago

Claudio and his pal Plex goof around at Coachella.


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axolotlkip 2253 days ago

In the background, solid snake watches quietly...

LokiTheFiend 2254 days ago

epic win!

THERavenWhite 2255 days ago

Awww. That's a keeper.

GoodEyeSnipper 2255 days ago

You Guys should Guest Star, that would be intense

ClintJr 2255 days ago

woot woot! =.=

KeiTisan 2256 days ago

yo gabba gabba!! trying to attract the younger audience? ...should show this to the kids i babysit

LordNephets 2256 days ago

He has your eyes.

jakemcgraw 2256 days ago

It's Crom!

chaoswusel 2256 days ago

lovely child. he totally resembles his father :D

fandelamusique 2256 days ago

hahaha, love it!

jamesofthejungl 2256 days ago

Effin amazing.

McBeezy16 2256 days ago

IRO-Bot will never die!... there ya go.

thetangledcord 2256 days ago

how come no one has made a 'my robot will never die' joke yet?

artofdepression 2256 days ago

...omg this is amazing!

elisekay 2256 days ago

this is the cutest!

sal_the_tiller 2256 days ago

Today's kids have the best childhoods of us all.

lttheninja 2257 days ago


Magdalena2113 2257 days ago

My kids love Yo Gabba Gabba and Coheed!

Man_of_Keywork 2257 days ago


nickRpoling 2257 days ago

Best. Acid. Trip. Ever.