GRAMMY-nominated rock band RED. New album RELEASE THE PANIC: RECALIBRATED coming 4.29.14! @mikeredmusic @lowbrowbass @anthonyredtwon

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2223 days ago


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janagundy 2222 days ago

I don't think Red was being insulting, but to ha ha think it's funny well that goes too far for me. It's not funny to me who has to push their 5 yr old son up a ramp.

B_L_FIVE 2222 days ago

dude! if my friend lilly saw this (who is btw is in a wheel chair) she wood laff so hard! she goes up a ramp like this every day 2 get to work!

IanCRoberts 2222 days ago

... I don't think that this post was meant to be in insult to anyone that is in a wheelchair or handicapped in any way. It's obvious that it's just a funny observation of how badly someone planned this ramp.

BeccaSchutt 2222 days ago

Is it just me, or does this ramp look pretty steep too? Wonder who planned this construction.....and were they high or something?

janagundy 2223 days ago

Not to be rude but not funny. My son is wheelchair bound and that's not cool for people who cannot walk.

REDRAWKER 2223 days ago

ha! what the..? thats to funny

Riddo_24 2223 days ago

Hahahahaha!!! Random as.