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One last real Indian mango...

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2197 days ago

One last real Indian mango...


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LagartoPL 2196 days ago

Karun - Do not throw you out of the HRT team for advertising lotus?

AdriReplicant 2197 days ago

Karun Hello! when you come to murcia, you have to try the typical food of here! is called "caldero"

GrandPrixDiary 2197 days ago

Chandhok in trouble for promoting Lotus: http://tinyurl.com/35nt5bk

AVB83 2197 days ago

This looks very tasty!

kingkarthik97 2197 days ago

For me...!!! For me..!! For me..!!!

Stupidlikeaf0x 2197 days ago

I'm sure that tissue box should be green and gold. ;) Don't tell me you're with Virgin Media too? :p

JBenni 2197 days ago

mmm Mango. OM NOM NOM

an1k3t 2197 days ago

does your dietitian know about this.?! ;)

an1k3t 2197 days ago

does your dietitian know about this.?! ;)

Luuuuuuuuke 2197 days ago

Irony? Look at the tissues. ;)

drakshatha 2197 days ago

awwww thats really mean... u r eating all alone!!! and look at u concentrating so much....

mcky19 2197 days ago

and u had it all by urself.. how mean! ;-)

jeremyfiel 2197 days ago

Lotus tissues no less.... Colin won't be to happy about that! :D

lindsaylou86 2197 days ago

I'm glad you have tissues on hand--in case this goodbye gets too emotional.

small_loss 2197 days ago

Hmmm, looks tempting and tasty ... I also want a piece)))