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2227 days ago

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justjared23 1855 days ago

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Margos_ 2004 days ago


arivu86 2100 days ago

100% TRUE!

alissab17 2169 days ago

And thank you so much for making a truly amazing and truthful video. We need more of this!

alissab17 2169 days ago

Thank you for telling it how it is! I don't understand how SO many people missed the point..

lucasgdz 2196 days ago


101feven101 2209 days ago

I saw your music video for Born Free and I understand what you meant by it. People are shocked because when they see the video it relates to them; seeing people with red hair treated this way, but this occurs to countless races throughout the world.

ILoveHenna 2214 days ago

Gavras Rocks!!

BrandixMarie 2215 days ago

i hope you feel that way about the actual folks getting picked on, kidsandheroes, not the fictional ones.

Big_Ant 2217 days ago

Redheads get "picked on," Arabs get "labeled" or "Mistaken" as the enemy and are treated exactly this way. MIA does a fictional version w redheads & u have a problem?? Ignorance is sh*t. Go get some culture then chime in country girl.

kidsandheroes23 2218 days ago

I get the point you're trying to make, but I still thought it was in poor taste. You can make a point without attacking a group of people that is already commonly mocked...

youngminded 2223 days ago

The lyrcism in paper planes woke me up. and as far youtube... that was lame but expected of them.

Kishanth 2224 days ago

Was waiting for you to Bring Out something on The SL GENOCIDE!
Damn!!! You Came Harddd!!!
-People need to see that video, to open their eyes to the wider world!

blablawatever 2225 days ago

I saw the video .. i think the point ur trying to make is clear ... Thank you SO much MIA someone got to speak up enough is enough :(

DJ_Diplo 2225 days ago

post a pic of nikki

TheRealDod 2226 days ago

good that http://miauk.com tells shows the vid. Not on my netbook :( but thanks, for important song

stonesfromthsky 2226 days ago

Ben, do you really need this video explained? wow.

Lucius66 2226 days ago

AWESOME,AWESOME VIDEO,M.I.A.!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BBenjaminn 2226 days ago

loving the video was wondering if you could talk about the meaning?