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A mum and a wife with a really cool day job...

At IRA.. Wondering if I can get one of these to put on my office door...

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2350 days ago

At IRA.. Wondering if I can get one of these to put on my office door...


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RoSawsane 2016 days ago


gitta31 2289 days ago

Go for it! Let me know how it goes.

lievan0 2291 days ago

well, U can do it!!

nada979 2328 days ago

yes why not i think i will be good idea .......

FaroukOmar 2335 days ago

We are all so proud of you our fairy tale queen. Keep up the great work

Tarrandola 2339 days ago

wow! I guess you can write whatever you want ah ah it would be fun

abozant 2343 days ago

Try to get two ... I want one of them plz

dana9aree7a 2343 days ago

lol..am sure u can,its suits

royal72 2343 days ago

its will help you :)

MrsDante 2348 days ago

I'd like one too. But I don't think I'm eligible for the "her majesty" part

gina_a_r 2349 days ago

the fact tht ur Highness "wonder" instead of actually saying ur Highness "want" one of those shows the kind of person n Queen ur Highness is...God Bless

NoelNewnam 2349 days ago

Just how big is your office door (I can imagine!)?

Sabrina1973 2349 days ago


Zena_Taha 2349 days ago

Cool idea actually :) I think you deserve to enjoy your life as a Queen...so why not ;) God bless you.

PiscesLuke94123 2349 days ago

WOW...You are so pretty Queen Rania. Are you single? I used to date a Paki girl.

Savgrrl 2349 days ago

I was the person from Qatar Academy whose book you signed. Any chance of the photos taken professionally being posted somewhere so I may see one of you signing your book for me?

Noupinette 2350 days ago


BananKharabsheh 2350 days ago

now thats our queen.... :) god bless

praveen_tej 2350 days ago

Get me One

mokinbird01 2350 days ago

Its cool being a Queen! :)