Randy Houser


Heading to a city near you!

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2373 days ago


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KMUTCountry 2372 days ago

Just struttin' his stuff, like all the other guys out there.

KimberlyWareing 2372 days ago

Ha! lol Which came first? Chicken or the Egg? lol lol

InMyAwEsOmEnEsS 2372 days ago

haha, i guess he never really made it to the otherside cause he's too busy hoggin the road!! LMFAO!!!! He should be a driver in nascar. heehee! GO ROOSTAHH!!

kristen_smith84 2372 days ago

Are they making you catch your own dinner in K.W.? ;) Looks like my home town lol

bobbibowles 2372 days ago

because your in key west! lol

IknowJackHank 2373 days ago

To show the possum it could actually be done.....

CalamityAnnie1 2373 days ago

So he never really crossed the road - he's a "middle-liner" - lol! Should run for politics!!!

977wcty 2373 days ago

Why did the chic... Hey wait a minute

personalguard 2373 days ago

Are you in Key West? Cuase it sure looks like it....lmao

LindaMakofski 2373 days ago

To get to the Chicken on the other side of the Road.