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photo time!

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2120 days ago

photo time!


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AnwarMoosawi 2085 days ago

A great piece of art ,, we'd like to see more of these works .

THEMARIEMOUSE 2117 days ago

this look like my heart crash and grey ....luce como mi corazon rajado y gris

lecastelan 2119 days ago

And that was the cone spot, I presume....Almost forgot:LOOOSEEERRR!!! ;)

sarah0529 2120 days ago

The more plain & simple,the more it attracts you to look at it. Very cool and leaves much to the imagination.

MichaelSeymourX 2120 days ago

was this from the recent L.A. tremor I wonder.

judydodds1 2120 days ago

Yet more signs of seismic activity!

Lily2000 2120 days ago

Great start! (My art teacher in H.S. loved my painting of a neighbor's trash cans.) Very earthy!

librariangirl1 2120 days ago

...just don't walk over it alright?.....

lightofblue 2120 days ago

kind off reminds me of time also ...but i am going to close or be on here all day driving peep mad ...take care catch ya later

lightofblue 2120 days ago

where there dark theres always light to say tomorrows anoter day!! i like funny how somwthing can mean something different to all?...x

Angel0404j 2120 days ago

Sue the authorities, if you trip and fall! Hehe.

Caruso2702 2120 days ago

Now...imagine rain drops glistening on the surface, as the light reflects off them...

Caruso2702 2120 days ago

Only you, Josh , could point out something like this, and make us see the beauty of for thought.

CatIzAKlutz 2120 days ago

The most simple things can turn out to be the most beautiful. Nice contrast. Perfect with the lighting and there's just enough grey tone in there to make it look stunning. Saaaa-weeeeet.

LolliJojo 2120 days ago

you too this sir?

RoxanaElizeche 2120 days ago

beautiful, black and white, want real holes on the street, come to AsunciĆ³n, Paraguay, they look like the moon surface

KLS_Soprano 2120 days ago

As soon as I saw this I thought of that Geico commercial with the talking pot hole and said, "Oh your tire's flat and junk...did I do that?" Although, this picture represents what she looked like when she was young!

VeronicaLeeAn 2120 days ago

this is very catching. i love it. :)

chanse64 2120 days ago

"Cracked AcTAR" --(little D. Bowie song pun)

Vegadys 2120 days ago

Good Eye, man. Texture, differents grays tones...good photo.