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Professional Scribbler, Warbler, and Ivory Tickler

top right corner to bottom right corner

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2259 days ago

top right corner to bottom right corner


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Aqeela_s 2223 days ago

Wow! you are an ARTIST.

FebSongBird 2252 days ago

OMG I love Sharpies!! You just can't (afford to) go wrong!

jess_mich 2257 days ago

whaaaaat? Oh my gosh I get it! haha very nice Josh

filamena1 2258 days ago

that is soooooo cool and I really love it It does need some color oh by the way good luck in the movie

carirlynn 2258 days ago

I like to draw. but mine is a scary sight to see. lol

Lindoucha 2258 days ago


Patricia_Mauro 2258 days ago

is that foamcore? were you trying to make a puzzle?

hloaroo 2258 days ago

Wow, , that picture of Josh Groban is amazing! Great job!

lari108 2258 days ago

lovely funny creativity! Josh, bo-bo-bo...! Sweety!

judydodds1 2258 days ago

Very well done Josh. Hey, I want to ask. Do you ever get headaches from inhaling sharpie pen fumes??

Lily2000 2259 days ago

Lots of J's and G's. Also an upsidedown 5. Nice and playful.

Angel0404j 2259 days ago

Ouch, another migraine! Hehe.

cathkim 2259 days ago

you should draw your own album art!

okindian65 2259 days ago

It's cool......I want you to see the portrait I drew of you,I posted it on my Twitter.Lets exchange a piece of art.

jgnorthernstar 2259 days ago

Or maybe we could persuade you to autograph the finished "Give with your HeART" product (please?)

jgnorthernstar 2259 days ago

Hey Josh - would love to have u contribute to "Give with your HeART" - in support of Grobanites for Charity -

chanse64 2259 days ago

Keep Singing.

_Noonista 2259 days ago

Interesting but I wonder what it says? JG? There are many things to see there, nice one Josh!

Claramusician 2259 days ago

Oh, if I could play with colors there!!!! lol...

missusandy 2259 days ago

I am jealous. Your line is so smooth. When I draw, my lines are jagged. You could paint it with fecal matter and show it in a museum! J/K