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Sharpie on vellum paper. Continuous line from one corner to opposite one. Decided not to get messy. Yet.

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2256 days ago

Sharpie on vellum paper. Continuous line from one corner to opposite one. Decided not to get messy. Yet.


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DJAutumnbreeze 2021 days ago

Cool beans.

musicalmuriel 2039 days ago

i see 3 people sitting at their own desk, with a crowd of people behind them. in front is their teacher, which seems to be pointing and yelling at them. he looks like a dementor o.O

Zivahkivah 2053 days ago

Now, More Important things to know on "The Josh Groban Show"

vangie29 2136 days ago

You have found a new career.!

MarianaNaranjo 2238 days ago

So free and creative!!! I love it!!! You just let the line be itself and do the job!!!

danianna333 2255 days ago

Hey, that's quite good. You're braver than me. I like erasers.

lilsugrnspice 2255 days ago

Very abstract. I like it!

TcheriseT 2255 days ago

My favourite thing about your drawing is the tiny "JG" at the bottom right corner hahaha.

Lily2000 2255 days ago


Lily2000 2255 days ago

Nicely balanced. I like the use of both angles and curves. I bet you could get money for this on your website! I do see men, but sadly, I can't find the (afformentioned) dog for the life of me. Good job, keep it up if you like doing it. I see a budding ar

lightofblue 2255 days ago

sharpie art sweet!..oh here comes the teacher assistant in me or bless you put jG in the corner or is j6 eigher way i like art is something that comes within ...x

Angel0404j 2255 days ago

I'm getting a migraine! Haha.

CindyEatsYou 2256 days ago

I know someone is going to use this to analyze your personality. I see people...a puppy...where are the pixie sticks? :)

Claramusician 2256 days ago

That's cool! Remind me one of my phasis of drawing... I don't remember the last time I've drawn something really nice...

TeeCupBagPot 2256 days ago

amazing!! would look really great in my room!!! ;)

anetnut 2256 days ago

I did these as a kid with a continuous wavy flowing line meeting at the end instead of your corners/sharp edges. Then I'd color in the different sections. Reminded me of a stained glass window. Auction this!

jgnorthernstar 2256 days ago

Bold. Sharp. Moving. Good! Now here's my question - how come Twitpic says this was posted on April 26th? It's 10 pm here in EST!

Raiyenne 2256 days ago

A maze... there's a lightning... people's heads and arms... a profile of dog. lolz

xMichelle_1990x 2256 days ago

Nice! I like it. It's very cartoon like haha. :)

mandyandbingley 2256 days ago

Lets see, i can see an abstract dog barking, and a guy making a "strong man" pose.