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Be yourself, cos everyone else is taken ☮


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2312 days ago



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jadesaysbo0m 2003 days ago

hes had that for ageeeeeeeeeeeeees

Nicole_skatepls 2289 days ago

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BangMeHardBiebs 2290 days ago

..." bcs its not fake! ask him when you meet him! and he's 16 years old...why can he have a tattoo? he already had a piercing but now he dont have so why cant he have a tattoo?

BangMeHardBiebs 2290 days ago

stop saying "i think...BLA BLA BLA!!!" stop making your own storys.... it came from a book and it have a meaning...i dont remember but i think its about liberty...and his cousin have the same.... but stop saying..."i think...BLA BLA BLA..."or "its fake BL

BiebsIsGorgeous 2298 days ago

I love the tattoo but I still kinda don't believe it's real.

NorrisMeetBiebs 2299 days ago

his outie is addoorabbblleee

NorrisMeetBiebs 2299 days ago

his outie is addoorabbblleee

LilMizsTezzieh 2299 days ago

this is some suprising news but kewl

char_biebs 2300 days ago

i like his boxers ;D

hichelseax 2300 days ago

nice tattoo bieber x :)

_kirstyplatt 2302 days ago

i think it's something to do with being a christian :)

phoebenesbutt 2305 days ago

its meant to be a bird

ShannonSlawter 2309 days ago

That is so shit, my god I was doing better tattoos than that thing when I was 14.

JBeliebersOx 2310 days ago

Aaaaaah lush

iAmandaBelieb 2311 days ago

k, thats hott.

BieberSize 2311 days ago

it's too hot

EMmily0301 2311 days ago

ummmmmmmm yeah i think its true:] but ive never heard that he has got a tattoo...

janelleemataga 2311 days ago

Wow. I read that book. :D

JBanneBELIEBER 2312 days ago

yeah..! i think its real cause all his family have one!! :)

zebrabiebra69 2312 days ago

its reallll u can tell :) its pretty hott haha him in general ahha