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Good ole North Carolina

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2413 days ago

Good ole North Carolina


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ymmotea 2403 days ago

i don't think i've ever eaten a pickled egg. simpson old school moe has them in his bar and mentioned about the brine...

SeatownFan 2410 days ago

Dude... thats a few things i miss about the east coast... Pickled eggs and some kind of meat my grandma was nuts about...

RiceLBGC 2413 days ago

Pickled Eggs... isn't that where "Hot Dog Flavoured Water" originated? :P

MetlDave 2413 days ago

Gas attack

underthegunn 2413 days ago

nothing is good about NC! 904 is always going to be where it's at!

ComingAfterRain 2413 days ago


rebelmusic1214 2413 days ago


fumarcondios 2413 days ago

Yummy for the tummy !

STARRBELLA06 2413 days ago

ha ha!!

m2msucks 2413 days ago

Those pickled eggs look delicious!! I have to try them.

allemikat 2413 days ago

These are staples in the south!!!

LittleHarmonica 2413 days ago

I think you just made Hannah's very rich people...if that's possible. Gross!

gashouseLBF 2413 days ago


Ted_GMG 2413 days ago

Sorry but what is this? :?

_whitewaves_ 2413 days ago

Eek! fred I double dog dare u to eat that & post to twittwer! :0)

IYAOYASpsycho 2413 days ago

Introducing "Boiled Peanuts & The Egg Flavored Water" LOL

ddritzenhein 2413 days ago

Pickled Eggs, that is gross

MagdaLena_PL 2413 days ago

pickled eggs? oh my, is this even tasty?

weebizkit 2413 days ago

lol! XD