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A pic of the stolen tt bike. There is only one like it in the world therefore hard to pawn it off. Reward being offered.

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2325 days ago

A pic of the stolen tt bike. There is only one like it in the world therefore hard to pawn it off. Reward being offered.


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Fender73q 1633 days ago

9lln Hi take a look at

stolen_property 1637 days ago

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MPG30 2282 days ago

If only my Trek TT bike looked like that....

EnnajM 2284 days ago

Trek doing good work ;O)

scottdeangelis 2297 days ago

that's so sexi

colinhedd 2297 days ago

Rocket! - and Rock-it Lance - welcome back!

alesokorn 2299 days ago

What a Machine!!! Awesome bike that is :)))

jmccabe72 2305 days ago

So glad they got your bike back!!! :) I hope you will be back to Sacramento!!! We Love You Lance!!! :)

Suzzyp 2313 days ago

Hey did the other 2 bikes that were taken ever recovered?

fhgehring 2315 days ago

I'd ALMOST like to meet the someone stupid enough to steal that, just to know what that kind of stupid is all about.

jadeblue78 2315 days ago


yuwenfei 2316 days ago


shalinbaggett 2318 days ago

That is one fine piece of machinery!! Hook em!

WWOLFRAVEN 2318 days ago

I just borrowed it to "tune-up" the spokes. Errr, sorry. LOL.It really is difficult to ride minus the pedals, wha??? Stay Strong Lance and company.

beginningbiker 2319 days ago

I have decided to pick a fight, and am excited to help. Too many family losses, and friends thankfully surviving. You are a true inspiration.....keep up the fight.

SeejayParker 2319 days ago

Of COURSE he can!!! :D

rizzo67 2320 days ago

Love watching you in the's not the same without you dominating and blowing everyone out of the way..looking forward to seeing you in this years Tour...can you win it?????

JeffTheis 2320 days ago

Amazing bike, makes my Trek look like a caveman's stone wheel. Best to you Lance, keep on winning!

Tallaw 2320 days ago

It would be a little tough to commute incognito on that bike.