Max Armstrong


Me and the cookie monster...

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2284 days ago

Me and the cookie monster...


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Sugarholic22 2272 days ago

awwn that's too adorable :) love ur angelical face

leeann919 2282 days ago

Max Sweetie, you look like you didn't get that cookie!

__Tammy 2283 days ago

Max, close your ears. Suzzi, only if I can bite you AND the cookie. . . .

suzzi4u 2283 days ago

Tammy....bite me! If I give you a cookie, will you go away?

suzzi4u 2283 days ago

"Ok Daddy, I held still for the camera, NOW can I have a cookie?"

saundraanne 2283 days ago

... means, "YOU FINISH THE COMMENT" an adorable way 2tweet!

saundraanne 2283 days ago

i cld nvr bebesit 4u max, i wld smother u w/kisses! how sweet, i cant pick a fave pic-they r all gr8. thnx 4sharing!

dotv21 2283 days ago

you people are talking as if Max is the one who typed the caption. he'll learn grammer when he gets to school. let people enjoy his photos.

laurenbeckett 2283 days ago

I disagree. It depends how the ellipsis is intended - an ellipsis can be used to end a sentence - with the 'after the bath'yes I, but ellipsis doesn't mean the sentence continues necessarily...

__Tammy 2283 days ago

together after my bath." Listen to me, Max, not those other folks. They will blow smoke up your tushie because your dad is famous. That's not what you need. I've got your back :o)

__Tammy 2283 days ago

Max is adorable, no doubt, but I'm not wrong. The "..." at the end indicate that the sentence continues after that (and therefore doesn't end with "Cookie Monster and me"). Therefore, the sentence would read something like, "The Cookie Monster and I posed

laurenbeckett 2283 days ago

Exactly. He's doing pretty well for a baby!

clarkbar67 2283 days ago

The kid's adorable! Who cares if he uses proper grammar at his age? He'll learn some day.

laurenbeckett 2283 days ago

Tammy is wrong. Max/ Lance is right. You only say I if you could say it on your own - however, you usually respect the other person and thus put them first. So the correct sentence would be 'The cookie monster and me'.

_pepperoni_ 2283 days ago

sooo CUTE!! i wanna hug you Max! :)

fratertje45 2283 days ago

Max you're getting big

RunMonkeyMama 2284 days ago

And Max, you're a total cutie! Getting so big!

RunMonkeyMama 2284 days ago

Actually it is "me and the cookie monster". The implied full sentence is, "here is a pic of 'me and the cookie monster'". You wouldn't say "here is a pic of 'I and the cookie monster'", would you?

cperreault14 2284 days ago

Max don't listen to Tammy, she's not correct either!

__Tammy 2284 days ago

includes proper grammar! :o)