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Former Drummer with ThrimbleWeed and the Vegetations

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2374 days ago


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stevesnana 2374 days ago

You're not going to do to them what Gordon Ramsay did, are you?

mamamamysharona 2374 days ago

its got a little hairdoo

D1anedal 2374 days ago

aaawww they are cute

chichina_ 2374 days ago

I want one! That is a cute piggy

Panda79 2374 days ago

Piggin sweet!


Mine don't get massaged but they do get hugs : )

cheeko_1 2374 days ago

1 question - why would you want to oil pigs on a Saturday afternoon or any afternoon for that matter? :-O

LovingPetz 2374 days ago

Pigs are such wonderful animals and make great pets. We are all vegetarians in our family and hope the pigs enjoyed their rub!

itisntdisney 2374 days ago

hmmm pork joint roasted in pig oil with a side order of apple sauce stuffed trotters

willytooren 2374 days ago

Don't kill them!!

SanAndreas83 2374 days ago

Are you meant to start basting your pigs when they are still alive? Is that the secret of really good crackling?

StrictlyDancer 2374 days ago

Mmmmm, crackling good photo x

wildfire9884 2374 days ago

Too cute. Don't let Chef Ramsay know about them...they might be dinner!

Dancingboots 2374 days ago

aren't you supposed to oil the frying pan not the pig?

seedrecords 2374 days ago

Make sure you wear a condom.

unklerupert 2374 days ago

You should get Ned Beatty round next time ;)

MotleyHippie 2374 days ago

Aw. Thanks for sharing. That is so sweet.

SciFiPulse 2374 days ago

The latest Brit movie. Jonathan Ross in 'The Pig Whisperer'

'It's a snort.' Says the New York Times. Sorry couldn't resist.

daintysmiles 2374 days ago

what a hobby you have lol

elliottfranks 2374 days ago

I've heard of bringing home the bacon, but keeping pigs as pets?! Neil, you need to wear proper pig oiling boots next time you visit! Lol!