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Former Drummer with ThrimbleWeed and the Vegetations

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2221 days ago


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THEREALPARKER 2221 days ago

shows off ronseal"s new product as neil declares "it Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin"

teamkeilty 2221 days ago

I think Neil is disappointed because they bought the generic instead of the name brand pig oil. ?

sometimesdee 2221 days ago

: why not both?!

The_MaDSaM 2221 days ago

Waitaminute... is this stuff made FOR Pigs or FROM Pigs...?
Ugh, the implications of both cases are... startling to say the least. ;)

spacecheetos 2221 days ago

you both look like people i should meet... silly ones, boys never do grow up do they?!

LeylaKhate 2221 days ago

Neil, you look like in amiddle of a hostage situation. Pig, oil, is that a morse code to save you or should we save a pig?lol.

KatjaKat 2221 days ago

Haha Neil looks absolutely terrified and Wossy looks positively gleeful! Brilliant...

Apocalypse2001 2221 days ago

lol funny.

fredlet 2221 days ago

I love the fact that there is such as thing as generic pig oil.

stupoo1 2221 days ago

What does pug think of pig?

carart65 2221 days ago

Is this an exercise to relieve poor pigs from some skin condition or to relieve you two from some?

mazziemo 2221 days ago

hhahahahaha Neil looks sooooooooooo happy to be doing it!

JamesFuller12 2221 days ago

you could do with a bit of the oil in your hair mate!

cjwilliamson1 2221 days ago

there's also something very 'league of gentlemen' about this....i wonder if this is what Bush went into Iraq for? and all the while it was in the hands of wossy!

RetardBoy99 2221 days ago

Jonathan, there is something ever so slightly sinister about your face in this picture.

elainey_lainey 2221 days ago

oh man neil has his business face on, eye of the tiger my friend. thats focus right there

simonpaulwebber 2221 days ago

Renowned author collects another literary award

imogenoffer 2221 days ago

i love the way its actually called pig oil!!

LimerickCat 2221 days ago

Im so confused as to what ur gonna do with that pig oil!!!! By the way loved ur show last night!! Louie Spence is a Legend!! Lol

kenarmstrong1 2221 days ago

Oinkment, yeah?