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Does she look like a doris!!

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2258 days ago

Does she look like a doris!!


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kahojp 2065 days ago

Yes if she says so and you can call me Nancy if you like though i look like this Doris .. ?.. I am getting confused... :)

BlackironRad 2192 days ago

Nearest translation from her natural name could be Doris, you would be surprised..LOL

_VanillaBear 2247 days ago

x) No lol!!! Well what can i say....Finding Nemo comes to mind :)

kalboski 2255 days ago

Knock Knock. Who’s there? Doris. Doris who? Doris locked, that's why I had to knock!

KerbRiderF1 2257 days ago

Na, she looks more like a dowiss

Craig_O_ 2257 days ago

Lots and lots and lots of botox?

wolf424 2258 days ago

No, that looks like Liz. She is Kate's dirty sister.

Fen10 2258 days ago

Wow! I never thought id say that Doris was hot!

clairegrr 2258 days ago

I would never of guessed it, no offence to anybody, but i just imagine Doris to be some old lady.

corr64 2258 days ago

I would say no.

oubaySF 2258 days ago

these days, even people are made in china!

mrseviltedi 2258 days ago

doris should be doddery and have a blue rinse and curlers (no offence intended to any younger doris's)

JaniceZhao 2258 days ago

An HK doris