Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

The twitterati!

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2688 days ago

The twitterati!


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guitar233 2682 days ago

I like the picture the way it is.Very creative.Ps,Lance we are the same age almost.

emmamoezel 2684 days ago

its so amazing how technology has changed.. who needs a camera when you have a device that calls, emails, photographs AND passes as a mirror for the girls.. watch everyone photograph you with their mobile/cell phone..
excitingly scary :)

Cora007xyz 2687 days ago

but your really should use a better camera. You are so rich, should be able to buy a better one. This is to pixely.

Cora007xyz 2687 days ago

funny idea that you also take pics of your fans, Paparazzi. Princess Diana ought to have done that too instead of fleeing them and having that deadly accident.

AntMcl 2688 days ago

Are they all Lance's fans? Blimey!

faithfulphish 2688 days ago

I love it... they all have their phones & cameras on you so you hold yours up and shine it right back on them!

euanbulmer 2688 days ago

Hey that's me in the middle with the hood! Nice to see you back, Lance. Thanks for making the "bad man" famous.

renatinho 2688 days ago

hey NOKIA, give him a cellphone with 5mpixel cam, please!!

amusingsue 2688 days ago

You guys ROCKED it today!!!

thevideodog 2688 days ago

Great ride, Lance. We're all rooting for you.

genshiroma 2688 days ago

We were in the crowd - Way to go Lance!

jvmcgu 2688 days ago

Congratulations on a fantastic effort. Good luck you and Levi really did outstanding!

nyckids 2688 days ago

Awesome! Go Lance Go!

Aspenbaker 2688 days ago

is that my ex in the front row? weird.

BeaversBend 2688 days ago

Lance...Can you Twit us what you're eating these days?

Tim_Ballard 2688 days ago

very clever! Anyone with a phone has become part of the paparatzi these days huh...

LaurensSoenen 2688 days ago

Fantastic start in the Tour of California, Lance!

5900superlite 2688 days ago

great ride!

pnwfitness 2688 days ago

Sent by Dinoberry. Haha

Jonas11 2688 days ago