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Taping a greeting to London at junket

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2465 days ago

Taping a greeting to London at junket


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JessyBrando 2423 days ago

Robert Downey Oh Deaaar Goooooddd?

He is sooo Sexyy

LucasS_M_ 2440 days ago

haha look at robert face. he´s the best definitely!

Scarlett amazing as always *-*

ChristinaNWood 2464 days ago

SO EXCITED! Even wearing an Iron Man shirt right now...because I'm a nerd. There, I said it. What up? Oh, and Paltrow's shoes are freakin' amazing.

methods2succeed 2464 days ago

Congrats IM2 Team! Can't wait to see the film!! :-)

hmcknight 2465 days ago

This is awesome, congrats Team Iron Man 2!

dacoopman 2465 days ago

I can't help thinking of you as Danny Bateman. GET THE BALL!

S_T_E_F_Y 2465 days ago

You're great guys! ;-)

Miss_Darcy 2465 days ago

cool! :) can't wait!

SeamusMcGready 2465 days ago

from left to right:AWESOME!

Tsubomiland 2465 days ago

lol XD Robert Downey, Jr !

ClegendFall 2465 days ago

RDJ Classic man. A suit with tennis shoes!

KittyPantz 2465 days ago

Cool! Can't wait for Iron Man 2!

anapaulavuoto 2465 days ago

Well, gotta go... Downey, kisses, call me! LOL... ;)

_mandamarques 2465 days ago

Heyy.. Very cool the photo! RDJ is amazing! I'm excited to arrive April 30th! Why don't you do a premiere here in Brazil?

Gabrielfss 2465 days ago

Scarlett! OMG!! She is my wallpaper

The_Frontera 2465 days ago

why is scarlett hiding in the back?

kageonmission 2465 days ago

OH MY FKIN GOD. Robert killed me.

Sundayriver81 2465 days ago

OMG *_* I love you all!!♥ Kisses from Italy ♥

anapaulavuoto 2465 days ago

I can't stop looking at this picture!

Gabrielfss 2465 days ago

Gwyneth Paltrow !! She is amazing! I really love her!! Congratulations for you great work Jon!