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2314 days ago



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christiebod 2311 days ago

Yep...the bubble boy and his sucker...grade 2 stare down in is effect. That kid will just not blink. Is there some sort of visine mist in the bubble...a must for those with allergies.

hairynootz 2311 days ago

The bubble is an excellent metaphor for the amount spiritual awareness you got at this point man. The sucker...yeah...well...hmmmm...which one...

randomlychad 2313 days ago

Don't forget the Tang!

SheWasOnTheMoon 2314 days ago

on second thought, do you think you could just arrange to pick me up instead? i'm tired of living on the moon and want to come home. let me know when you'll be orbiting.

Heart4theword 2314 days ago

Well, don't let it go to your head, we wouldn't want the bubble to pop:) Don't choke on the lollipop:) Where's the story behind the glass bubble?

desireeeems 2314 days ago

HAHA DON ASTRONAUT! is your beard growing already?

SheWasOnTheMoon 2314 days ago

hah! your best look ever - come and visit, i need supplies:)

randomlychad 2314 days ago

Is this for the revision of BLJ? I mean now that you're successful, maybe full-color photos can be used instead of those pencil drawings. What do you think? ;-)

JETallacksen 2314 days ago

I'm surprised it took 5 comments for a "Don Astronaut" reference.

DarcyStaniforth 2314 days ago

Glad to see NASA has eased up on the no candy in space policy. After the 1967 "Incident" as they call it, it was a long time before anyone thought they'd see a picture like this.

heatherahzug 2314 days ago

Have you lost weight? Maybe it's the bubble.. it's slimming.. :)

utexasann 2314 days ago

Better Spaceman than Bubbleboy.

Courtnsnack 2314 days ago

I tried. Witty comeback escapes me. What flavor lollipop is that?