Christian Serratos


...Im 5'7. Dan is a BEAST. :)

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2349 days ago

...Im 5'7. Dan is a BEAST. :)


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xabbierosee 1809 days ago

This picture never get's old. I actually love it so much.

Stars_Stripes17 1947 days ago

That guy is not so big:P

twilight_BDnews 2284 days ago

omg its like ur the kid, and his the adult, awesome crokie, aah i just realize dan wont drownd there he can stand lol

viennas_ellie 2310 days ago

haha aww.. well I'm 5'5 not much left till I reach him maybe lol

Camtheman7 2316 days ago

aww you look so cute being so small.

AGANDAko 2344 days ago

woah.... sooo tall i'd feel sooo short if i stand next to him

Alpha4Delta 2345 days ago

He would've think.... it looks so small from up here...

SERRATOSFAN 2347 days ago

hahaha great picture :D you look so sweet!

Ninnie_89 2348 days ago

WOW! I knew he was huge but not that massive!

A_meylie 2348 days ago

Oh ! It's a giant !

joyalinn 2348 days ago

Holy moly! That IS tall.

KellansAngel 2348 days ago

Whooa!! Gee, I'm 5'3 :O I would be a pygmy compared to him :P

JenGambale 2348 days ago

I'm 5'7, too, so I guess this is how it would like if I stood next to him. xD

kristychapman 2349 days ago

wow ,IM 5'2 I fell short now

MissAlexandraP 2349 days ago

He is lol! Cant wait to stand nxt to him myself on Sunday in Melbourne! And you too Christian hehe! So excited! :)

CrazyMovieFreak 2349 days ago

holy crap...hope I'm never next to Dan! :P I'm only 4'11, I'm a shrimp!

MuncherMiss 2349 days ago

uh oh. I'm 5''5. Dan's 6''7. Ooooh he's gonna TOWER me tomorrow. Fun times! XD

jsantis91 2349 days ago

I'm a 5'9/5'10 guy ...i'm guessing Dan is...6'3 ? haha :P..

alba_solorzano 2349 days ago


Shayha 2349 days ago