i pick up dog shit all day long, but at night i rock-n-roll.

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To the green thumbs of California, Barnes and Nobles got you covered...

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1621 days ago

To the green thumbs of California, Barnes and Nobles got you covered...


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Flabicus 1320 days ago

I love how they're referred to as "Gardeners"

VinceyIero 1487 days ago


VinceyIero 1488 days ago

books!! xDD fuck !!! fun!!! marijuana!!

BillyJaden 1505 days ago

The woman on the cover is cool. Smoking and making cookies. I want her in my kitchen...

camilaandryws 1510 days ago

paaaaaass the marijuana ♪

lizziemurder 1523 days ago

omg. illinois has marijuana books/magazines.

ZOMB_ie 1532 days ago

the coloring book cracked me up XD

Cita_wtf 1541 days ago

Pshh, I've already got this covered.

miminogen 1547 days ago

xD a cannabis colouring book!
i know which shop to visit for all my weed needs! xD

TeaghanTragic 1550 days ago

in the cooking section maust have "how to make the perfect hash brown" :3

IAmFTW 1557 days ago

Check that link out. It's very interesting.

By the way: I'm not a toker, I just like to keep an open mind :)

LilithMCRmy 1557 days ago

Oh, and magicusergirl, you're making yourself sound like a total douche. Lighten up :P

LilithMCRmy 1557 days ago

To everyone talking about how "pot is bad", it's safer than alcohol, and you're probably not going to do all that stupid shit you'd do while drunk if you were stoned instead, because weed makes you pretty lazy haha. And HOLY SHIT I WANT THAT COLORING BOOK

FridayNightFool 1564 days ago

pots stupid....and pointless. but lol the coloring book!

Rachelthebob 1567 days ago

i love the coloring book. now i want one to listen to my my chem and color while making use of my dear bong dopey. and if you havent had the urge to color while high you havent been smoking good stuff.

findingsophia 1572 days ago

i agree with ArielAutopsy. It's Not a Fashion Statement is frickin' amazing stoned.

Acid_Wit 1574 days ago

...Yeah I don't think the pot growers up this way need help, they seem to have it down.

Goggles83 1582 days ago

Getting into the comments here, I think that pot is fine. The only way it would 'fuck you up' to the point where it would negatively effect your life would be if you abused it. I do think you can get addicted to pot, but I also believe that you can get a

ArielAutopsy 1597 days ago

The Comments Are More Interesting Than The Picture. I'm Pro-bud & It Makes Me Interested In Learning New Shit Faster Than I Can Read. Plus If You Havent Listened to A My Chem Song While Blazed, You Havent Lived.