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Is this a beautiful shot of our launch or what???  Spectacular!

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2353 days ago

Is this a beautiful shot of our launch or what??? Spectacular!


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DaveAMac 2353 days ago

Wow! That is so beautiful!!! :-)

StarGirlInSpace 2353 days ago

#GalaxyDefenders Stay Forever ♥

mcflymypassion 2353 days ago

perfect :D

Stelygs 2353 days ago

Extraordinary to see! Wonder how it was, being onboard at that moment! Human ingenuity's something to be proud of, when you see such wonders...congrats!

adiosale 2353 days ago


sanduleak_1 2353 days ago

It is comet STS 131 called Discovery

Hannoehxx 2353 days ago

Awesome! looks beautiful

NamikoF 2353 days ago

"Discovery! #STS-131" Apr 23, 2010 20:44 JST

Bambinaty 2353 days ago

So amazing

soundmomo 2353 days ago

Amazing!! Dreaming!!(すごい!! 夢を見ているよう)

OzoneVibe 2353 days ago

Fantastic photo! Unbelievable that there are humans riding that flame into space!

SageCourtenay 2353 days ago

WOAH!! thats wonderful :D

irenex33 2353 days ago


itsmelikehell 2353 days ago

nothing can be compared like heaven!

benazirsj 2353 days ago

this is so fascinating!

jasonatharvard 2353 days ago

it's so amazing to know there's humans in that thing

masutebaria 2353 days ago

すご~~い!! 綺麗です。

FabulousBelen 2353 days ago

Absolutly beautiful!

RckyMntLuv 2353 days ago

hey ! this is what it looked like from our window!!

nasanerd76 2353 days ago

It looked more awesome in person!